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Started in 2008 by Sam Keehn (arguably not the best time to start a new business during the credit-crunch, but hey!), Quaddus Creative spent it's early years working with print and graphic design.


Once established, and with many good relationships with local print firms and design agencies, the company moved into the exciting (and we mean exciting) world of signage! We identified a customer need for a business with sufficient knowledge of design, print and signage to help develop their brand consistently across all mediums.

In 2012, Quaddus Creative provided a signage consultancy to the London Olympic Games and helped to implement the branding strategies for the Games and sponsors alike. This unique experience of working with high-end materials, large scale production and huge financial budgets opened our eyes to the huge potential for clients who are looking for a bespoke service.


Through the use of banners, large format print, vehicle liveries, window graphics, brochures, custom clothing and more - we're sure we will have the best solution for your project.

Some of our valued clients

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